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A Welcome Message from
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It Seems Incredible That You Can Vaporize Your Anxiety and Increase Your Leadership Skills So Easily


Are you clear about what you desire and take inspired actions that attract the results you want in your personal and professional life?

Are you living each day to your full potential, focused and playing to your highest strengths and skills?

Are You Ready to...

  • Leave behind shortcomings and transform them into powerful traits
  • Eliminate habits and limiting beliefs so you can achieve what you want
  • Vaporize your anxiety so that you can become clear, calm and confident and make a meaningful contribution

This is really important

There is more to you than your story. Who you really are is miraculous; it wants to live fully in this life. The story that you made up about what you can and can’t do is just that… a story. We work with your optimal self to support your essential nature so you can be calm, confident and happy. And we can see what sometimes you can’t.

Your thoughts are very powerful. What you think about will eventually become your reality. We empower and inspire you to become conscious of your thoughts and your life will change. Guaranteed.

It doesn’t matter what has happened in your life. It can be devastating, disappointing or absolutely wonderful – there is still more to experience and it can be better than you could possibly have imagined! (I know - I have had both and my life keeps getting better and better)

You have 15 more years than any generation before us. And it is not at the end of your life. It is in the middle. It also has a transition, like the puberty of our teen years. Only this time, we know more and are wiser. Everything that has not been resolved or learned will be in our face. We help you work through the puberty of the midlife and so that you take back your power, make choices, take inspired action and enjoy the journey.

You can deliberately create what you want!

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All the best,

Cora Whittington, BASc
Life Coach and Leadership Coach

Helping Leaders become Clear, Calm, and Confident

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Ray Bonenberg Ministry of Natural Resources "Our organization was facing financial pressures and demands to produce outcomes in a complex and diverse environment. Due to tight operating dollars, our staff were struggling to deliver strategic priorities.

I found Cora to be an excellent listener and one who is able to explore the not so obvious aspects of why the situation is the way it is. She has a variety of tools that can help guide processes to achieve the results that leaders need.

Working with Cora has helped me set my own priorities, help our leadership team achieve theirs and work through the necessary steps to realize the changes we needed. It has also enabled me to see the potential obstacles that we may face and work through them. I am much less anxious about aspects that I can't actively control. I have improved my ability to articulate a vision for success and am more patient with the constant course corrections that are needed to be successful"

Ray Bonenberg
Regional Director
Ministry of Natural Resources

"My manager asked me if I would like to go and meet with Cora to see if there was anything she could assist me with.  My manager advised that it might be a bit to touchy feely for me but to try it if I wanted.

I am not sure why but something told me at the end of that first session to return for another session. 

I know that I have not worked through all my crap yet but I do know that I can function much better in my own skin now. I will continue to work with Cora to identify and finish how my childhood feelings and thoughts can affect my life unless I address them as the adult I now am..

My situation on the job has also changed; I no longer feel I need other people’s validation that I am wanted and worth something. 

I feel that the world is mine to conquer and look forward to doing it."

Barb Bird


Cora Whittington, BASc
Leadership and Life Coach


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